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I was scammed or hacked. What can I do?

Secure your funds

If you suspect that you got scammed or hacked, firstly, secure the rest of your funds as fast as possible. If the rest of your funds is still in your wallet, transfer all of your tokens to a different secure account so that you don’t lose any further funds. Scams and hacks usually occur from phishing. Note that your device may have been compromised with malware. Ensure that the scammer cannot access any other sensitive information on your device.

Report to Omni support

Get in touch with the Omni support team with details including how you suspect your funds were drained and the suspected scammer’s public addresses so that we can help you with investigations and alert other users about a potential hack threat.

Please note: As Omni is a self-custodial wallet, we do not have access or control over your funds. Omni is not able to reverse the transfers or retrieve your funds for you.

Report the scammer

Report the scammer to your local cybercrime authorities. Below is a non-exhaustive list of helpful resources:

You may also be able to report the scammer’s address on the block explorer:

Learn about the steps to report the scammer’s address on Etherscan.

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