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Metamask vs Omni


Wallets are an essential tool for navigating Web3. You cannot avoid having a wallet but with so many of them out there, researching which one is the right option for you can get tedious. Here is the comparison of the Omni wallet vs. the Metamask wallet for factors that matter most to Web3 users. 

What is Omni?

Omni is a mobile-first super wallet that brings everything Web3 users need to manage their assets across all major chains, from EVMs, to non-EVMs, and all major L2s. You can also manage your NFTs across major chains on top of being able to swap, bridge and stake in record speed, all in one place. On top of that, Omni is one of the most secure self-custodial wallets in the market, allowing you to even import your Ledger for maximum safety.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a widely used wallet for EVM-compatible chains on both mobile and browser extensions. As a wallet that launched in 2016, it is one of the older wallets in the market that enables users to store and swap their assets. Metamask is also a self-custodial wallet that is used by most developers for deploying their dApps and by Web3 users for interacting with web3 applications.

What are the services that Omni and Metamask offer?

Although both Omni and Metamask are self-custodial wallets, these apps are used for different purposes. Below is the breakdown of the main differences between Omni and Metamask’s suite of services and features.



Chain support

25 networks and expanding

✅ EVMs

✅ Non-EVMs

✅ L2s 

9 networks

✅ EVMs 

❌No non-EVMs

Native staking

✅ Liquid staking in 3 taps

✅ Native Staking in 3 taps

Native yield vaults & Lending

✅ Deposit to Yearn vault in 3 taps

✅ Deposit to AAVE V3 vault in 3 taps

Native Bridges and Swaps

✅ Swaps for EVMs

✅Swaps in 3 taps for non-EVMs 

✅Bridge in 3 taps

✅ Swaps for EVMs

❌No Swaps for non-EVMs

❌No bridges

Multi-chain NFT support 

Support for NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, Fantom, Solana, and Arbitrum, with more being added almost weekly.

Allows users to view all their NFTs in one place and set their favorites as their Home Screen background.

Ability to perform swaps or bridge assets between different EVM and some non-EVM chains such as Solana and NEAR

Users are able to select the optimal route for them.



✅Hardware wallet support 

✅Audited by award-winning independent agencies 


✅Hardware wallet support 

Buy crypto

✅Buy crypto in-app via fiat on ramp

✅Buy crypto in-app

Import external wallets

Users can import:




Control and manage your funds in other wallets without sending them to their new Omni wallet.


✅Mobile app

✅Browser extension coming soon

✅Mobile app

✅Browser extension



✅Non EVMs: Cosmos & Solana 

✅WalletConnect v1 and v2

✅Rich transaction approval data


❌No non-EVMs

❌No WalletConnect v2

❌Only hex data and function name provided

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