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Identity in Web3

Check out the projects building the identity landscape in Web3

In our Identity in Web3 feature, you’ll find the projects building the identity solutions that will enable exciting use cases such as quadratic voting, undercollateralized loans for retail participants, sybil-resistant airdrops, and much more.

Cover Image for Spruce


Take control over your data across the web
Cover Image for BrightID


Prove to applications that you aren’t using multiple accounts
Cover Image for Everest


A catchall crypto economy platform with a self-sovereign biometric identity solution
Cover Image for Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

Buy NFT domains and use them as website URLs, usernames, or wallet addresses without ever having to renew them.
Cover Image for Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity

Get on a Sybil-proof list and start earning UBI
Cover Image for Disco


Create your reputation-based profiles by collecting
Cover Image for Iden3


Create your self-sovereign identity and issue claims on another identity
Cover Image for Kilt


Represent your identity without revealing your true identity
Cover Image for Civic


Access the growing constellation of web3 services with a versatile identity, owned by you

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