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Get your stETH to work

Lend, farm, or provide liquidity with stETH for extra yield

It would be a shame not to extract as much value out of stETH as possible. In this collection, you'll find projects that allow you to boost your yields through lending, yield farming, liquidity providing, and other yield generating strategies.

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Earn on your deposits and borrow assets.
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Maximize Convex APYs and earn yield in the best DeFi tokens
Cover Image for Curve


Utilize hundreds of liquidity pools and trade with high liquidity, low slippage and low transaction fees.
Cover Image for Oasis


Earn a yield, multiply your exposure, or borrow against your crypto
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Yearn Finance uses automated strategies to help maxmimize yield for users.
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Idle Finance

Choose your strategy and earn the yield you deserve, without having to worry about finding the best option.
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Harvest Finance

Harvest automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi.
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Choose your pool, deposit your crypto, and let Vesper put DeFi to work for you.

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