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OKX Chain now supported by Omni

We are excited to announce that Omni now supports OKC, a new addition to our growing list of supported blockchains! With our commitment to providing users with a wide range of chain support, along with the easiest way to experience all of Web3, the OKC (OKX Chain) is a welcome addition to our platform. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the unique features of the OKC  and the benefits it brings to our users. 

Table of Contents

→ Introduction to OKC (OKX Chain)

→ OKC’s commitment to interoperability

→ Benefits of using Omni to interact with OKC

→ More about Omni 

Introduction to OKC (OKX Chain)

OKC is a layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos platform by OKX, the widely-used cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange. OKC is one of the first networks to be both EVM and IBC compatible, which allows it to run Ethereum smart contracts and to communicate with other blockchain networks in the Interchain ecosystem. Alongside its mainnet launch, OKC issued its native token, OKT, which serves as the base token for the OKC blockchain's Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Its DPos mechanism allows users to earn rewards for participating in the network by staking their OKT.

OKC has a strong focus on making its chain as interoperable and performant as possible, which enables it to be more accessible to developers and users. This allows for seamless on-chain trading of all types of assets within a cross-chain ecosystem. The optimal interoperability and performance of the OKC ecosystem and infrastructure provide a seamless experience for both developers and users. At a high throughput of 5,000 TPS for contract interactions, developers can build and scale their applications on the OKC network with low gas fees.

Explanation of OKC’s commitment to interoperability - the benefits of its EVM and IBC compatibility

One of the obstacles to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology has been the lack of interoperability between different blockchains. This lack of communication can make it difficult for users to take advantage of the unique features of different chains, and can limit the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. In addition, non-interoperability can create barriers to entry for new users and developers, who may need to learn multiple blockchain networks in order to access and interact with them. OKC is committed to solving these issues through its focus on interoperability, which allows users to easily launch decentralized applications, issue digital assets, create trading pairs, and trade freely. By using cross-chain technology like IBC and EVM compatibility, OKC is opening up new opportunities for value creation and transfer.

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OKC multi-chain framework

Features and benefits that users can expect from using OKC via Omni

The Omni app is the ultimate destination for OKC enthusiasts. Omni offers a wide range of services that make it the go-to hub for all things OKC. Whether you want the most secure experience possible or the most seamless and smooth one, Omni has you covered. 

Manage your OKT: Asset custody, swaps, and bridging

With Omni, asset custody is just the tip of the iceberg. Our app makes it easy to store and transfer your OKT, with just a few taps. But that's not all. Omni’s powerful bridge and swap support allows you to move your OKC tokens across chains with ease. Whether you want to explore Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, or other major EVM networks, Omni has your back. Furthermore, with support for L2 networks like Polygon and Arbitrum, you will get a rich and seamless cross-chain experience. 

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Explore OKC: Curated news, Dapp recommendations, and Dapp connection via WalletConnect

Omni also gives you access to the dedicated OKC Explore Screen, where you can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the OKC ecosystem. And if you're looking for the best Dapps to use, our expert explorers have handpicked the hottest and most exciting ones for you to try out!

Omni is also the first wallet to enable WalletConnect V2 across Cosmos, Solana, and other EVM networks. This integration allows OKC enthusiasts to easily and securely access the vast array of Dapps in the OKC ecosystem. With Omni, you can find the hottest Dapps and also connect to them securely through vetted links on the Explore Screen to avoid interacting with phishing and scam links. 

Enjoy security and convenience at the same time: Ledger support and world-class user experience

Omni offers the best of both worlds by providing the convenience of CeFi with the security of DeFi. Our app includes a wide range of DeFi services, including native staking, lending, and NFT support, and supports 28 different chains, including major chains like Cosmos, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. Plus, Omni is completely self-custodial, so you are always in control of your funds. 

Omni also offers hardware wallet support and users can pair their Ledger Nano X devices to the Omni app. Using your Ledger with Omni allows you to sign transactions across various Dapps and chains, including OKC using WalletConnect. This allows you to easily use any Dapp on any major chain with Ledger and opens up the world of Web3 with full security of your Ledger hardware wallet. With a sleek design and easy-to-use interface, Omni is the perfect app for DeFi enthusiasts who want a seamless wallet experience.

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Don’t miss out - amplify your OKC enjoyment to new heights! Download Omni.

The value of the addition of OKC to Omni users

The Omni app will enhance your OKC experience and make it more powerful than ever. Plus, Omni’s commitment to adding support for new chains means that users cannot only enrich their OKC experience, but also experience multiple blockchain networks within the super app. 

More about Omni

Omni is a next-generation self-custodial wallet that allows users to control and manage all of their crypto assets across all chains in one wallet, from EVMs, to non-EVMs, and all major L2s. Omni comes packed with powerful functionality right within the wallet that makes using Web 3 easier than ever before. Want to stake your tokens to get yield? Omni offers the fastest staking in the market with 25x faster staking speed. Want to collect all of your NFTs in one place? Omni has the broadest NFT support of any wallet. Want to go from USDC on Ethereum to OP on Optimism? Omni gives you native bridges and swaps right within the app that enables you to go from any origin token to any target token on all of our supported networks in one single transaction. All of that while being fully self-custodial. And to top it all off, Omni gives you an explore screen for every protocol you’re interested in so you can always stay up to date with the latest news, Dapp releases, and NFT mints. Omni truly is your one-stop shop for all of Web 3. 

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