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Editorial Notes (vol. 5)

A new week has arrived – and with it, new additions to our Explore Screen. In this edition, we’ll focus on the upcoming Arbitrum Odyssey event, go through all the dApps that are newly featured in Steakwallet, and provide some important information you should know prior to the Odyssey kickoff. In addition to the Arbitrum Odyssey Feature, we’ll take a look at a couple of extra dApps that have made quite an impression on our team.

Let’s dive right into our newest feature — Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum Odyssey is just around the corner and supposedly going live in mid-May, we wanted to prepare all the dApps that are included in the campaign in order for you to have easy access to the dApps and all the information you need to successfully complete the tasks during this event. Arbitrum Odyssey will run for 8 weeks, starting with an “onboarding” week during which participants should bridge their funds to Arbitrum. Once the onboarding week is over, the journey will begin and every week for 7 weeks, 2 projects will task their users to complete an on-chain task specific to their protocol.

By completing the tasks, you’ll be rewarded NFTs, 15 in total —14 from the specific tasks by projects and one by bridging your assets with the most used bridge of the event. At the end, any user who has collected at least 12 of the 15 NFTs will receive the most exclusive and final Arbi-verse NFT. So, which are the Odyssey projects?

Access fixed-rate loans on Yield Protocol.

It is a protocol for collateralized fixed-rate, fixed-term borrowing, and lending. You may also use the Yield app to provide liquidity to earn fees based on the platform’s usage. At the core of Yield are so-called fyTokens, which represent tokenized loans. They are analogous to zero-coupon bonds in the sense that they do not pay interest but instead trade at a discount, rendering a profit at maturity when they are redeemed for their full face value.

Trade seamlessly across chains with Hashflow.

Not only does Hashflow provide a seamless cross-chain trading experience, you’ll also benefit from built-in execution guarantees, MEV-protection — never be front run again, and extremely low fees. They achieve this by using a request-for-quote (RFQ) model to allow professional market makers to manage pools, which also enables you to pool your assets with market makers to earn highly-competitive yields.

Trade perpetuals with Aboard Exchange and enjoy low fees, almost instant settlement, and up to 25x leverage.

Aboard protocol includes an order-book decentralized derivatives exchange that currently supports trading of selected perpetual contracts and indices. In the future, they’ll be adding options and other products, including lending & borrowing, margins, and spots. The beauty of this exchange is that you don’t pay gas fees when trading, but only trading fees which are far below the market average.

Trade perpetual contracts, provide liquidity, or create markets for any underlying asset on Apex.

ApeX protocol is a decentralized and non-custodial derivatives protocol that facilitates the creation of perpetual swap markets for any token pair. Users can trade crypto derivatives directly on the Ethereum blockchain without any intermediaries. With its own native token, users can start earning trading fees generated by the platform and participate in its governance.

Create and trade any asset or provide liquidity to pools on Dodo. It also allows NFT creation, trading, and fragmentation.

DODO is much more than a simple trading protocol. With it, you are also empowered to create custom tokens without any coding experience, create liquidity pools for free and customize your market-making strategies, fractionalize NFTs to boost their liquidity, etc.

Swap, farm, bridge & vote on a community-owned and funded platform — Swapr.

Trade your favorite pairs on your favorite chains through the Swapr interface, while it ensures the best price through established DEXes with no extra fees! You can bridge tokens directly to or from any chain where Swapr is deployed and it allows anyone to create their own liquidity mining campaigns for any token.

Battlefly leverages TreasureDAO’s metaverse to create an experimental P2E strategy game.

This idle strategy game is played in web and mobile browsers and takes place across two arenas; the Garden and the Hyperdome. The Garden is a passive arena, in which your BattleFly lazily floats around and occasionally salvages Mods – weapons, shields, and utilities that help improve its combat performance. The Hyperdome is a combat arena, where every few minutes, two BattleFly are selected to auto-battle head to head. To enter the Hyperdome, players must stake their BattleFly with either 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 MAGIC and after the battle, the winner receives a small stake from the loser.

Make lying expensive with Ideamarket.

On Ideamarket, anyone can share “Posts” which are Ideamarket’s NFTs of opinions or thoughts. Users get to rate any post on a scale of 1-100 and create a permanent on-chain track record of public opinion. By staking the native token, you get to put extra weight to a user’s rating. The goal is that when the next crisis comes, we’ll have an on-chain record for determining people’s credibility

And a few others that Steakwallet users should already be familiar with: TofuNFT, Uniswap, 1inch, Izumi, TreasureDAO, and Sushi.

Each new week you’ll find a card in the Explore Arbitrum section, where we’ll provide you with the two weekly tasks, a guide with all the information for successful completion, and the two dApps of the week.

We couldn’t help ourselves but add a couple more stellar projects to spice up the Explore sections of Avalanche and Polygon.

Borrow up to 21x against your portfolio of LP tokens, staked assets, and yield-bearing stablecoins with 0% interest on Yeti Finance.

Yeti Finance is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows users to borrow up to 11x against LP tokens, staked assets, and base assets — and up to 21x on yield-bearing stablecoins at 0% interest.

Farming and staking rewards are auto-compounded when interest-bearing tokens such as staked assets or LP tokens are deposited, opening up numerous leveraged farming strategies. Borrowers receive YUSD, an overcollateralized stablecoin that can be swapped for additional assets and subsequently re-deposited into Yeti Finance to build a leverage position.

Effortlessly borrow, lend, and earn interest on your assets with help of 0VIX.

0VIX aims to democratize access to decentralized financial products by providing users access to permissionless lending and borrowing. Users can instantly supply or withdraw assets from the shared liquidity market, instantly borrow from any of the liquidity markets using the supplied assets value as collateral, and have a transparent view of interest rates based on the asset's market supply and demand.

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