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What is Stargaze?

  • Stargaze is a Proof-of-Stake application-specific L1 for minting and trading of NFTs.

  • The Stargaze network operates highly secure and efficient smart contracts due to having been built using CosmWasm, which allows for zero gas fees when launching a collection.

  • Soon you might be able to stake NFTs just like you can stake STARS – Stargaze native token.

Stargaze is a fully decentralized NFT marketplace in the Cosmos ecosystem and uses the IBC protocol for interoperating with other Cosmos-based networks. It was designed as a Proof-of-Stake Cosmos zone from the beginning, providing it with the greatest flexibility in terms of protocol design, compatibility, and scalability.

The main features that are currently live on the Stargaze blockchain are the NFT Launchpad, NFT marketplace, governance, and staking. The NFT Launchpad is where users can mint Stargaze NFTs made by pre-approved artists with zero gas fees and the marketplace is where they can NFTs NFTs with STARS token being the native currency. Although the Stargaze NFT marketplace is currently in beta, it's fully functional with many NFT collections already listed on it. Besides being able to trade NFTs with STARS tokens, the Stargaze native token can be used to secure the network through staking, network fees, minting NFTs, and voting on governance proposals.

Besides providing a great infrastructure for trading of NFTs and high security due to being built using CosmWasm which provides a safe and highly performant runtime for smart contracts, it also provides NFT creators with a lot of flexibility. The marketplace has a built-in feature that gives NFT projects the flexibility to choose what type of launch they would like to have – first-come-first-served mint, auction over predetermined periods, and more. This allows NFT projects to satisfy the demands of their community by working closely with them to determine what type of launch is the most optimal.

Many Stargaze supporters prefer to not sell their STARS and find STARS staking to be a great way to passively earn more and grow their holding. Learn more about STARS staking and how you can earn more through Omni.

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