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Intro to Dynamic NFTs

Explore some examples of Dynamic NFTs

The key differentiation between static and dynamic NFTs is in the changeable metadata of dynamic NFTs, which makes them much more interactive.

Last week we published an article detailing dynamic NFTs and the utility they’ll bring to the existing Web3 space. Now, let's look at some projects exploreing them.

Cover Image for Tales of Elatora

Tales of Elatora

Enter the world of a written novel with a Discord RPG and dynamic NFTs.
Cover Image for Swoops


Draft, train, and strategize to win real money NFT based basketball competitions
Cover Image for BanyanDAO


Learn Web3 and grow your seed NFT while you grow as well.
Cover Image for Rubber Duck Bath Party

Rubber Duck Bath Party

Get a Rubber Duck and send it to bath parties where it will grow and evolve
Cover Image for Fancy Bears Metaverse

Fancy Bears Metaverse

Metaverse dedicated to social media, celebrities and entertainment only

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