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Steakwallet Releases v1.4

Quick Summary

We're excited to announce that we just released Version 1.4 of Steakwallet 🥩

With this update we have laid the foundation for our upcoming beta release. After adding one-click $SOL staking with our last build, this version brings our new portfolio view into Steakwallet (now Omni). We've also added support for managing 4000+ Ethereum-based tokens and 20+ Celo-based assets. Scroll through the list, search, and activate the tokens you want.

We've also integrated Yearn Vaults into Steakwallet for more passive yield opportunities on tokens we don't yet support native staking for. With Steakwallet becoming your one-stop-defi-shop, expect to see more streamlined yield opportunities under the Prime Yields section.

We're excited for what's to come! 🎉 👀

To our early community members — thank you for the support and valuable feedback! We always love to get your feedback and thoughts on the app and what you'd like to see added.

Join our community and team on Discord and for all updates follow us on Twitter.

New Portfolio View

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We've overhauled Steakwallet design to get things ready for the beta release. One of the main updates in Steakwallet 1.4 is the new portfolio view. You can navigate to your portfolio view on top right and get an overview of all the assets you hold in your Steakwallet. With a tap on the top right gear you can add more than 4000 tokens and pick precisely the ones you'd like to add your portfolio. This is the first step in allowing Steakwallet to become the only wallet you need to manage all your crypto on mobile — across chains. 🥩

Whereas the updated Prime Yields homepage only shows staked assets, the Portfolio view shows you your overall balance. You can also see the percentage of your portfolio that is already staked. We're super stoked about this update. Let us know what you think in our Discord.

The portfolio view will be expanded in future updates with more details, graphs, and information.

4000+ Ethereum Assets Supported

We've also added support for more than 4000+ Ethereum-based assets. Now you can simply click on the settings icon on the top right of your portfolio view and select the tokens you want to see. There's also a handy search bar that helps you find the right assets quickly.

20+ Celo Assets Supported

We've further added support for 20+ more Celo assets. We appreciate the support the Celo community has shown us and want Steakwallet to be the ideal wallet for anyone in the ecosystem to manage their assets.

Support for more assets on other blockchains is coming in future updates.

Yearn Vault Integration

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Steakwallet now supports Yearn Vaults. Yearn Finance is a suite of DeFi products that is designed to generate yield on smart contract platforms like Ethereum. We'll have a blog post on all things Yearn coming out soon if you're interested in learning more.

Yearn Vaults are capital pools that automatically generate yield based on opportunities present in the market. Vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the yield generation and rebalancing process, and automatically shifting capital as opportunities arise. The Yearn vaults therefore represent the first passive-investing strategy offered on Steakwallet.

To start, we've added Yearn vaults for USDC, USDT, LINK, UNI, SNX, DAI, and COMP. We'll add support for more assets in the future. If you have any other Vaults or products you'd like to see supported you can always Tweet at us or chat with our team on Discord.

Solana Staking (with Steakwallet v1.3)

With the last Steakwallet release we also started supporting Solana staking. To make SOL staking as simple as possible on mobile, we contributed to the Solana JavaScript SDK to enable the integration.

As always, our goal is to make this as simple (and slick) as possible, which we were able to achieve. With our integration we are able to merge accounts, which makes staking and unstaking easier as you do not have to manage multiple accounts (like with some other wallets).

💡 Until a quorum of Solana validators have upgraded their node software to 1.7 you won't be able to frequently stake/unstake SOL as you would with other staking integrations. Prior to the upgrade, Solana does not allow merging two activated accounts with different credit scores.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ethereum Staking

    : Fixed some issues with Ethereum staking.

  • Further EIP-1559 Improvements

    : Updated some EIP-1559 related logic to avoid failing transactions.

  • Performance Improvements:


    Improved performance across Steakwallet with new Portfolio view. Balances that are a bit slower to update are due to blockchain querying load times.

  • Design Improvements:


    We've updated the Steakwallet design on many fronts for a better overall feel and experience.

  • Various Bug Fixes:


    We've squashed a variety of smaller bugs, from loading issues to weird formatting. And Steakwallet is all the better for it.

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