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Steakwallet Releases v1.10

Quick Summary's to Steakwallet v1.10  🎉 🥩

Steakwallet (now Omni) v1.10 integrated some exciting new features! On top, we brought a wide range of performance improvements to the app and squashed a bunch of bugs. 🚀

  • We now fully support the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), including the ability to resolve ENS names when sending tokens, and showing your name and avatar (if setup) in the menu.

  • We've also added support for Yearn's beta vaults on Fantom (allowing for cheaper gas fees to not eat into the yield opportunties).

  • We've further added transaction history for Fantom, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Avalanche in Steakwallet. 💯

To our early community members — thank you for the support and valuable feedback! We always love to get your feedback and thoughts on the app and what you'd like to see added. Join our community and team on Discord and for all updates follow us on Twitter.

ENS integration

We've expanded our ENS integration to fully support the Ethereum Name Service. Now Steakwallet will resolve addresses if they've been set via ENS when sending tokens on more than 10 different L1s. We've also updated our settings page so if you have set it up, it will now show your ENS name and avatar. If you have already an ENS name set to your address, the name will automatically be pulled in and displayed in the settings. If you've also set an image or NFT as your avatar, then this information will also be populated and you'll see your avatar displayed in Steakwallet.

\We hope this integration simplifies sending and receiving crypto in Steakwallet, and offers some quality of life improvements to the overall user experience. You can read more about our ENS integration, as well as learn how to register an ENS domain with your Steakwallet on our blog post, which you can find right here.

Steakwallet as ENS DAO delegate

As a fully self-custodial wallet provider, we at Steakwallet believe the success of web3 hinges upon making crypto more easily accessible across different protocols. While the web3 ecosystem is rapidly evolving, tooling, access, and services remain highly fragmented. ENS is playing a big part in addressing the need for a more unified identity protocol as a decentralized public good.

Steakwallet wants to help shape this future and so we're throwing our hat in the ring to become one of the ENS DAO delegates, representing crypto protocols and users owning both their keys, to help shape the protocols they interact with.

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Yearn Finance beta Fantom vaults

Another exciting integration to come out of Steakwallet v1.10, we now support Yearn's beta vaults on Fantom. We've taken the simplicity of earning yield through Yearn Finance a step further by allowing users to deposit funds into pools with the click of a button – and now users can utilize the Steakwallet platform to ape into the beta Fantom vaults. The first Yearn beta vaults on Fantom are yvWFTM, yvUSDC, yvDAI, and yvMIM.

As the transaction fees on Fantom are much lower than on Ethereum, you don't have to worry about paying large amounts in transaction fees when depositing into the vaults or pulling your money out. This hopefully allows you to end up with more yield as the transactions don't eat into the yield all that much.

Let us know about your experience with the new Yearn vaults on Twitter.

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Expansive Transaction History

We're on our way to supporting detailed transaction history for every chain we've integrated with, and this release saw us get closer to that goal.  👏  We now support transaction history for Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon allowing you to keep track of all the transactions you've taken on those chain in Steakwallet.

Let us know what other chains you want to see us add transaction history for next in our Discord.

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Fixes & Improvements

Various Performance Improvements:

  • We're always working to improve Steakwallet on all fronts, including various minor updates and performance improvements. Steakwallet v1.10 introduces a more seamless WalletConnect experience, with loading screens for when the connection is a little bit slow.

  • We also adjusted the max stake amount for any integration to account for gas fees.

  • To top it all off, we've added a network picker when establishing WalletConnect sessions and a warning when sending transactions via WalletConnect that might fail due to high gas fees.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed various bugs in this release, including the correct handling of storage initialization for NEAR accounts when sending NEP21 tokens, the correct handling of sending ERC1155 NFTs, the correct handling of max send amounts when dealing with tokens that don't have 18 decimals, and the correct resolution of send amounts when entering into a selected currency.

  • We also pushed out a hot fix release for Android to fix Steakwallet crashes.

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