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Steakwallet Released v1.1

This past week we've released Version v1.1 of Steakwallet which comes with a lot of new functionality and officially takes the iOS app out of Alpha and into the Beta version. This quick post runs through the most important updates.

We are still in an early stages and the focus of Steakwallet remains to simplify staking across all major blockchains. We're adding support for more and more tokens and are working on improving performance across all functionality within the app.

We've also removed the waitlist feature, as the app is into a Beta stage — giving more people easy access to the easiest way of staking your crypto. We're also excited about launching the Android Alpha of Steakwallet.

Download/update Steakwallet v1.1from the Apple App Store today.

We'd love to get your feedback and thoughts on the app and what you'd like to see added. Join our community and team on Discord and for all updates follow us on Twitter.

Steakwallet Android Alpha

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We happy to have launched Steakwallet for Android. Now everyone on Android can also stake their favorite crypto in the simplest way out there, multi-chain and mobile-first. This is an Alpha version of Steakwallet, but we're working hard on bringing the Android app in line with the iOS version.

Let us know your feedback and thoughts in our Discord.

To download Steakwallet on Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Search for "Steakwallet", select the app and click "Download".

To update Steakwallet on Android (to ensure you run the latest version):

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.

  3. Tap Manage apps & device. Apps with an update available are labeled "Update available."

  4. Tap Update.

New Staking Tokens

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We've added staking support for Akash Network $AKT. Akash Network is the the world's first decentralized, open source cloud. Censorship-resistant, permissionless, and self-sovereign, Akash is the DeCloud for DeFi, allowing any cloud-native and containerized application to run faster, more flexibly, and at lower cost, compared to centralized clouds.

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We've also started supporting staking for Kava $KAVA. Built on the Cosmos Blockchain, Kava is a cross-chain DeFi platform which supports multiple applications and services for cryptocurrency users. Kava's blockchain provides a safe and secure environment for DeFi apps and services to run.

New wallet token support added

Steakwallet now supports sending and receiving

  • $SUSHI

  • $SOL

  • $DOT

  • $MKR

  • $SNX

  • $YFI

  • $UNI

  • $USDC

  • $AAVE

  • $CRV

  • $BNT

  • $cUSD

  • $cEUR

Performance Improvements & Fixes

  • We've refreshed and consolidated the Steakwallet design (RIP floating steak. For now.).

  • Massively (by 4x) improved application startup time and made everything a bit snappier.

  • Waitlist removal, with this release the in app waitlist functionality of Steakwallet has been removed. Steakwallet is officially out of Alpha.

  • Previously Steakwallet would often crash when switching back and forth between apps. This has been fixed.

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