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Introducing the Steakwallet Explore Screen: The window of Web3

Steakwallet’s (now Omni) Explore Screen — the window to Web3

Keeping up with DeFi and Web 3 at large is like drinking from a firehose. It’s ever evolving and being able to capture real alpha means identifying, getting in, and also getting out of positions easily. Steakwallet has revamped its Explore Screen to give you the juiciest taste of Web3 and helps you quickly identify all the most important pieces of infrastructure that you need in order to navigate on any L1 or L2. Use the Explore Screen to navigate swaps, bridges, lending protocols, or NFT marketplaces, across all major chains to fully immerse yourself in these ecosystems. LFG!

What you can expect

Stay updated via our news hub. Don’t miss out on the highlights and developments in the rapidly-evolving cryptocurrency space! Get reliable, weekly news fed to you straight from trustworthy sources across every ecosystem. We’ve got you covered on all aspects of DeFi – DEXs, bridges, swaps, NFTs, P2E... the list goes on. 🤯

Enjoy ultimate curation. Dabble in new projects that are booming in Web 3. Connect to your tried and true favorites. Our team has tried and tested each of the projects on the Explore Screen to bring you the tastiest dApps around. Widen your horizons by exploring the hottest ventures in games, NFTs, and DAOs.

Find the best vaults and farms across every ecosystem so that you can maximize the delicious returns of your flavorful yields.

Season your knowledge base with our featured guides and educational content. Learn about staking via the Steakwallet app and digest deep dives of different ecosystems to crisp your understanding of all major chains!

Set up for success with the Steakwallet Explore Screen

It is easy to feel lost in the vast abyss of Web3. The Steakwallet Beta was built around our Explore Screen to help you identify the most important projects that align with your interests. Be it swaps, bridges, lending protocols, or NFT marketplaces, the Explore Screen helps you navigate to the most important dApps and news easily.

On top of the latest update, we are constantly expanding the lists and collections in our Explore Screen so you can stay on top of the best opportunities across DeFi. The Explore Screen is an ever-evolving ecosystem and we’ll continue to expand and improve our user experience as a whole. Each week, you’ll find new dApps, be on top of all the latest and best opportunities in DeFi, and get the latest news updates across each major chain we support, and more. Stay tuned for our weekly editorial notes, where we highlight what's new and which projects the Steakwallet team has our eyes on. 👀

And of course, we're always looking for feedback from our community! Have you been using a new protocol that you think should be featured? Are you working on a project that you think the team should highlight? Come join our Discord and let's chat. 🤝

🌐Check out the updated Steakwallet Explore Screen now – your window into Web3 🪟

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