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Omni vs Safepal

Importance of a Web3 wallet

Your wallet is like your Web3 buddy. Whether it be connecting to your favorite game on BNB, buying the hottest NFT on OpenSea, or depositing in the tastiest yield vault, your wallet is your gateway to experience all things Web3. Naturally, it is a given that your wallet should be:

  • Versatile enough to meet your needs

  • Secure enough to protect your funds

The Omni team is a little biased towards the Omni app - we truly believe that this is the best wallet out there. But, every Web3 user is on an adventure to get their own version of experience in Web3. Let's do a wallet comparison analysis to learn how Omni's features compare with other wallets.

This article will focus on a side-by-side comparison of the Omni wallet with the Safepal wallet. You can get our full set of comparisons with other wallets under the tag, Wallet Essentials, on the Omni Learn page.

Omni VS Safepal


Most of us have heard the "age-old" crypto chant: Not your keys, not your coins. Keeping your funds secure essentially means keeping your private keys secure. This boils down to two things:

  • Maintaining full custody of your private keys

  • Ensuring nobody else gets access to your private keys

Although most people still keep all of their funds on an exchange, the best way to keep your funds secure is by getting a non-custodial wallet. Unlike exchanges, which provide their users with a custodial wallet (a wallet that keeps custody of your keys), wallets like Omni and Safepal are non-custodial. This means that both the apps will give you full and sole custody of your private keys.

Although non-custodial wallets are much more secure than custodial wallets, users who have fund sitting idly by should consider a cold wallet. A cold wallet like Ledger stores your private keys completely offline, minimizing the chances of your device getting hacked. Although both Omni and Safepal are non-custodial wallets, they both support hardware wallets so that you can experience ultimate security through the apps. In terms of security, both Safepal and Omni are top-notch.

Check out Omni's independent audit by the award winning blockchain security firm, Halborn!



Non-custodial wallet



Hardware wallet support



Ease of use

If your wallet is your Web3 buddy, it is very important that your wallet is both powerful and simple to use. After all, how are you going to make the most out of your Web3 buddy if you have difficulty navigating through it?

Omni was made to supercharge your Web3 experience - especially for earning and managing NFTs. No matter what action you are conducting, the app makes sure that you do it in the least time while also giving you the most powerful support possible. Although Safepal is fairly easy to navigate, you will find that the experience of using the app is not as smooth and pleasing.

Pleasing displays - Omni is best known for its sleek design and pleasing interface. From its color schemes and fonts, to its icons and organization of features, the app is extremely visually appealing.

Personalization - The Omni app lets you customize your NFT wallpaper on your Home Screen and choose your account PFP to reflect your taste!

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Left: Omni interface vs Right: Safepal interface

Multi-chain support

One of the best things about Web3 is that there are loads of activities you can conduct through it. If you are reading this, you probably have some amount of experience, or at least, interest, in one of the following:

  • Storing tokens in your wallet

  • Playing crypto games

  • Investing in NFTs

  • Earning with your crypto by staking or lending

With a multi-chain wallet, you get access to the best of each of the activities above! Want to find the best earning opportunities? Maybe liquid staking your SOL for stSOL at 5% APR and then depositing that stSOL on Raydium for earning even more interest might be attractive. Or how about playing popular games like Sunflower Land on Polygon, Gameta on BNB chain or managing Sweat coins on NEAR?



Major EVM chains



Major non-EVM chains



Major L2s



Total no. of networks supported for managing funds



Total no. of networks supported for earning



All of the major chains are already covered by Omni so more likely than not, you will not miss out any cross-chain fun with Omni's 25+ chain support.

Although Safepal allows you to keep custody of your funds in a wider range of networks, Omni provides a 15X more opportunities for earning in terms of network support. If you are looking for easy, native earning opportunities, Omni is the choice for you.

Networks supported for earning opportunities







Ethereum (xSUSHI)

Avalanche C






The Graph






(Note: The Omni team is constantly adding new chain support. If your favorite chain is currently not supported on the Omni app, fret not! Most of the chains you like will be added by the team in the future!)

Overall supported features



Chain support

24+ networks and expanding

45+ networks

Native staking

14 tokens and expanding

2 tokens

Native yield vaults & Lending

Yearn & Aave vaults

Pancake Swap, BiSwap and ApeSwap pools

Native Bridges and Swaps

Both swaps & bridges

Both swaps & bridges

Multi-chain NFT support

7+ chains

3 chains

Buy crypto in-app



Import external wallets

Import Metamask, Phantom and Keplr

Import wallets for supported assets


Mobile app

Browser extension coming soon

Mobile app

Browser extension

Explore Web3

Latest updates of new dApps and news articles for each ecosystem



✔️Active discord support

✔️Email support

✔️Active discord support

✔️Email support


✔️ WalletConnect v1 and v2

✔️ Rich transaction approval data

✔️WalletConnect v1 and v2

Chain Activity Notifications

✔️ Rich push notification messages on address activity for 8+ chains


Omni vs Safepal: Conclusion

Omni and Safepal are both extremely useful tools for anybody looking for a multi-chain wallet that makes interacting with DeFi and connecting with dApps easier. Both wallets give you access to a range of major chains to select from to earn, manage your funds and interact with applications in their ecosystems. But, with its ease of use and equal parity in security, Omni is a better selection for you as long as you do not require interaction with chains outside of its current scope of integration.

Unlike Safepal's relatively dull interface and reduced range of earning opportunities, Omni is a smooth, fast and function-heavy app that lets you earn, manage your NFTs and assets, with supercharged swaps, bridges and in-app token purchasing capabilities all in one place.

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