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Put Your stSOL and stMATIC to Work

Explore strategies and dApps you can use to earn more with your staked tokens.

With liquid Solana and Polygon staking live, it would be a shame if you didn't try to extract as much value as possible from your staking tokens. After all, that's the beauty of liquid staking. In this feature, you'll find a selection of recommended dApps to utilise and access to our blog post detailing how to start generating higher yield by putting you stSOL or stMATIC to work with those dApps.

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Saber is a DEX on the Solana blockchain.
Cover Image for Orca


Trade on Solana and provide liquidity in Whirlpools or pools to earn yield on your assets.
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Crypto-asset portfolio management platform, built to perform across market cycles.
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QuickSwap is an AMM on the Polygon network.
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Beefy Finance

Beefy is a multi-chain yield optimizer.
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Balancer is an AMM protocol for programmable liquidity.

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