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Lens ecosystem – revisited 

Lens Protocol has been one of the more exciting things to have come out of the Web3 space over the last few of months. Lens is currently deployed on Polygon and is a user-owned, open social graph allowing any app to plug into it. Users have ownership over the content they produce, their data, and the social graph. All this is linked to one’s Lens Profile NFT which gives users control over their publications – posts, comments, or mirrors (essentially retweets or reposts) and can represent anything from text to video. 

Since its launch, more than 80,000 wallets have claimed their handles. Lens is growing steadily even though the access to Lens Profiles is still gated in order to prevent mass handle claiming. Out of all the profiles, more than 25k have been active over the last month, meaning that these profiles have made at least one post, comment, or mirror. The total engagement numbers have also been rising consistently since the launch.

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At the same time, there have been a plethora of projects that have started building various applications on top of Lens’ composable and decentralized social graph. The infographic by @rekktguy nicely shows the expansion of the Lens ecosystem, but a lot of the listed projects are still in the early phase of development.

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Let's look at some of the interesting projects you can start using right now to see what Lens Protocol is all about.

Lenster – community-built, open social media network.

This decentralized and permissionless social media app allows you to connect with other profiles, join communities, and explore the platform as a whole. The UI is very familiar to the best parts of Twitter and provides a similar feel upon interaction. You’ll need a Lens profile to log in, but just like with Iris, you can explore the platform without it as well.

Network with other Web3 professionals on Orb.

Orb is a decentralized professional social media app for Web3 working professionals with an end-to-end on-chain credibility system; connecting companies, projects, and people. In the app, you can create your own professional profile and build on-chain credibility by linking your POAPs and other NFTs that represent your previous experiences, learnings, skills, etc. On top of that, you can learn the basics of Web3 and earn NFTs all while you are connecting with other people in the space.

Orb currently has a whitelist in place so you’ll have to apply or use an invite code. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, the process is pretty quick and you should be able to access the dApp in no time.

Reach the Web3 audience and discover new social media content on Teaparty.

TeaParty is a Social & Earn (S&E) protocol in Web3, where everyone can socialize and earn revenue together. The platform empowers creators, writers, musicians, and others to get their content discovered. There are multiple benefits for people using the platform both for creators and viewers of the content:

For advertisers/creators – TeaParty Hosts:

  • Cost-effective — Pay only if any users like or share/retweet. 

  • Organic growth — Only real users will interact with the post. No bots and fake users.

For users – TeaParty Guests:​

  • Earning revenue — Earn by engaging with any incentivized content with activities such as liking, retweeting,  or following a host!

  • Value your time — Fresh content is up every second allowing you to engage any latest news and content with rewards.

Yup – a social network for curators.

Yup is a network that rewards you for good opinions. It creates a social consensus layer for the Internet, accurately representing the social value of anything, from random Tweets to rare NFTs. It does this through the Yup Protocol, a decentralized, semi-autonomous social consensus protocol. The Yup Protocol determines the social value of content and rewards users for creating and curating it.

Trade posts and handles on LensPort.

Discover and trade Posts to support your favorite creators. On top of that, you can also buy Lens Profile handles if you haven’t gotten one for yourself. All trading is done in either WETH or WMATIC. In order to trade, you’ll have to either wrap your tokens or just buy them on an exchange and have them bridged to the Polygon network.

Comment, mirror, earn, read, and support. Share makes writing and reading fun.

Share is a Web3 social writing platform where authors can publish books, articles, and other written content as NFTs and readers can interact with their favorite authors. There are multiple ways to find content:

  • Follow your favorite authors and their latest works will be in your writing feed

  • Explore trending writings via the Explore page

  • Search for books/articles in the search bar

LensTube – a video-sharing platform with Web3 values.

LensTube is a decentralized video-sharing social media platform and aims to be Web3 Youtube built on top of Livepeer and Lens Protocol. LensTube lets users create profiles using Lens Protocol and leverage their social graph to share and enjoy videos with their followers. All the videos are stored in IPFS and Livepeer for serving them in a decentralized manner.

Subscribe to creator feeds on Iris and get access to token-gated communities.

Iris is a social platform for Web3 creators. On it, you can share content, be it exclusive or not, grow your community, and own your identity and content. Users can pay a subscription price to follow creators, and creators have the ability to set the subscription price. You won’t be able to post without a Lens profile, but you can still explore the platform and find the most popular posts on Iris.

Explore the social graphs of Lens users with Cultivator.

Visualize your social graph or a social graph of any Lens handle.

Phaver – Share-to-earn decentralized social platform.

Phaver was created to collectively build the most interesting feed in the world by rewarding users for sharing the most interesting content they find everywhere on the web, as well as creating new native content on Phaver. To interact on Phaver you don’t need the Lens profile, however, you can link your profile once you get whitelisted.


What is Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol is a decentralized and composable social graph built on Polygon. In other words, it is a project that gives users control and ownership over the content they produce, and tools to create their own social media platforms using Web3 technology. 

How do I get a Lens Profile?

If you aren't able to claim your Lens Profile, it might be beneficial to join communities and start using dApps like Phaver, which has given away access to claim Lens handles in the past. Alternatively, you can buy them on OpenSea, LensPort, and similar marketplaces.

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