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Editorial Notes (vol. 10) – Investing in music NFTs

It’s time for the tenth edition of our weekly Explore Screen update. We have one hell of a week in front of us – NFT NYC just started and our friends at Arbitrum are launching the Odyssey, which will fuel the themes for our Explore Screen.

We’ll look into a part of the music NFT infrastructure – where you can trade, invest in artists, share streaming royalties, and more in the Investing in Music NFTs feature. The second feature is Intro to Dynamic NFTs based on a 🔥 article our team published last week. Of course, this week’s update wouldn’t be complete without including the start of the Odyssey Onboarding Week, where you’ll find all the bridges you need to successfully complete the first task and prepare for the journey through the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Investing in Music NFTs

Music NFTs are a rapidly expanding segment of the broader NFT space, but are much less known or popular in the public eye compared to JPEGs. In this feature, we’re highlighting some of the best platforms for collecting and trading music NFTs and investing in artists and their work.

Connect with musicians, athletes, or brands with OneOf NFT marketplace.

Built on Tezos and Polygon, OneOf allows you to use crypto, debit, or credit card to buy any NFT on their platform without having to pay gas fees. Depending on the tier of the NFT collection that is listed and you want to buy, you’ll receive extra utility such as VIP tickets, IRL experiences, signed merch, and more.

Buy, sell, and curate NFTs on Zora – an open protocol built on Ethereum.

Zora has a great selection of all kinds of NFTs on the platform’s secondary market, including Music NFTs. Using Zora to mint and purchase NFTs across a number of mediums is effortless. Plus, it’s not just a storefront but a protocol from which other platforms can be created. In their own words, “Zora is built to be built on.”

Own one-of-one digital records and explore new artists with Catalog.

Catalog is a digital record shop and music community for artists to press and sell one-of-one digital records, and for fans to listen to, discover, and directly support the music they love. Catalog records are unique 1/1 NFTs that exist on the internet forever, free from any one platform, and provide artists and fans with a programmable canvas for a new world of music ownership. Artists collect 100% of their initial sales, and earn a creator’s share every time their records are resold.

Join a collaborative music movement with Sound and be a part of an artist’s journey.

Sound gives artists the chance to debut new music as a set of NFTs. Each edition of the NFT is numbered uniquely, so listeners can showcase their early support. Owning a song’s NFT grants the backer the ability to make a public comment on the song. But, it also acts as an access pass to the Sound community on Discord where artists and listeners interact with each other through weekly hangouts, collaborative projects, and more. Go find the latest mints or join the listening parties and begin your journey with Sound.

MintSongs allows you to discover and collect NFTs from your favorite music artists.

Mint Songs builds tools that enable music artists to turn their core creative assets into NFTs that they can sell and give away to their community. MintSongs’ NFT minter lets artists turn their songs (audio and album artwork) into NFTs for $0 minting fees and users can buy, grow, and display their music NFT collections on MintSongs’ marketplace.

Help fund artists, collect NFTs, and earn streaming royalties with Decent.

Decent enables artists to receive funding from and build communities with their fans by listing NFTs. On their platform you can buy and collect NFTs representing songs, and share streaming revenues as royalties. It is a great way to support artists and share in their success.

Own music and earn royalties alongside artists, on Royal.

Royal enables anyone to own a piece of their favorite songs to earn royalties alongside the artist. Musicians use Royal to share a portion of streaming royalty rights with their fans and collectors, allowing them to be co-owners of the song or album. When you buy music on Royal, you get exclusive access to streaming royalty rights that generate income, plus curated benefits from the artist. It creates a win-win situation for artists and fans.

Intro to Dynamic NFTs

Last week we published an article detailing dynamic NFTs and the utility they’ll bring to the existing Web3 space – read the full article here. The key differentiation between static and dynamic NFTs is in the changeable metadata of dynamic NFTs which makes them much more interactive.

In this feature we’ll look at some examples of Dynamic NFTs, so let’s dive right in.

Enter the world Tales of Elatora – A written novel with a Discord RPG and dynamic NFTs.

Elatora is a collection of dynamic NFTs featuring 22 different animals and their weapons, which can be traded or swapped. Each NFT changes based on external data depending on the time of day, and you can see your avatar holding a different weapon depending on which weapon NFT you hold in your wallet. Anyone who gets a Tales of Elatora NFT, gets access to read the story and vote on the storyline at the end of each chapter as it’s being written, and you also get access to the easy-to-play RPG game in Discord.

Draft, train, and strategize to win real money NFT-based basketball competitions in Swoops.

Swoops is an NFT-backed strategy basketball game that puts you in the owner’s seat. Each NFT is a unique player to be used in the Swoops game. You can mint, buy, or trade for the players you want, and develop them over time – improving their stats. Discover their style and put together championship lineups to enter into a variety of real money contests.

Learn and grow in Web3 with BanyanDAO and grow your seed NFT in the process.

Banyan DAO is launching dynamic NFTs that incentivize and reward member contributions. The NFT starts as a Banyan seed and its metadata updates as the members start participating by joining meetings, completing tasks, and eventually leveling up by becoming leaders, when the seed turns into a Banyan tree in its final stage. It is a great community for those wanting to learn more about everything connected to Web3.

Get a rubber duck from and send it to bath parties where it will grow and evolve.

Rubber Duck Bath Party is a collection of 10,000 dynamic NFTs. Owners of the ducks get to join community parties with them, during which their NFTs grow and evolve, becoming rarer and earning extra traits. It is pure fun and a great community-building experience.

Join the Fancy Bears Metaverse – the first Metaverse dedicated to social media, celebrities, and entertainment only.

Besides becoming a cool-looking bear, membership in the club grants you some special perks. Firstly, owners of the NFTs will be in control of the governance of Fancy DAO which will be funded by 30% royalties and own NFTs, ETH, and other assets. Additional benefits consist of a Metaverse land airdrop, free merch, special events, new NFT collections, and more.

Odyssey: Onboarding Week

Arbitrum Odyssey is officially launching today. The event will start with The Onboarding Week, during which users will need to bridge their funds to Arbitrum via any of the supported bridges and exchanges. Those that use the 3rd-party decentralized bridge that was used to bridge the highest volume of ETH (and do not bridge out!) will also receive a bonus NFT. You might want to split your tokens and bridge them in batches through different bridges, in order to maximize the probability of you using the most popular one.

In our Explore Screen we prepared a Feature which will guide you through each week’s tasks, and this week it’s all about onboarding users to Arbitrum. In the Odyssey Onboarding Week feature, you’ll find all the supported bridges you can use to get your hands on those sweet Arbi-NFTs. If you don’t have any funds in your Omni, but want to participate through it, you can easily import your other wallet or use the in-app fiat on-ramp to acquire some ETH and bridge it over with one of the bridges in the collection.

Have a great journey; we’ll be right there with you ⚡

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