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Omni vs Argent


Wallets are an essential tool for navigating Web3. You cannot avoid having a wallet but with so many of them out there, researching which one is the right option for you can get tedious. Here is the comparison of the Omni wallet vs. the Argent wallet against factors that matter the most to Web3 users. 

What is Omni?

Omni is a mobile-first super wallet that brings everything Web3 users need to manage their assets across all major chains, from EVMs, to non-EVMs, and all major L2s. With Omni, you can also manage your NFTs across major chains on top of being able to swap, bridge and stake in record speed, all in one place. On top of that, Omni is one of the most secure self-custodial wallets in the market, allowing you to even import your Ledger for maximum safety.

What is Argent?

Argent is a top-ranking Ethereum wallet, known for its ease in accessing facilitating Ethereum-related transactions. Argent takes a special approach to wallet login authentication and security, allowing it to stand out from its popular contenders like Metamask and Rainbow. Argent was the first wallet to utilize a wallet technology called smart contract wallets, allowing its users to access a recovery process even if they lose their private keys.

What are the services that Omni and Argent offer?

Although both Omni and Argent are self-custodial wallets, these apps provide different value to users. You will begin to see the differences when you consider what the two wallets are trying to achieve with their services. While Omni is a multi-chain wallet that provides a vast range of DeFi, NFT, and general Web3 services, Argent is more focussed on developing management of funds for Ethereum and connecting with Ethereum dApps.



Chain support

24 networks and expanding

✅ EVMs

✅ Non-EVMs

✅ L2s

3 networks: Ethereum, Starknet, ZKSync

❌ No other EVMs

❌ No non-EVMs

✅ L2s

Native staking

✅ 14 tokens and expanding

✅ Liquid Staking in 3 taps

✅ Native Staking in 3 taps

✅ 1 token: ETH Liquid staking

Native yield vaults & Lending

✅ Deposit to Yearn vault in 3 taps

✅ Lend through AAVE V3 in-app in 3 taps

❌ No native lending or deposits

Native Bridges and Swaps

✅ Swaps for EVMs & non-EVMs

✅ Native Bridging

❌ No native swaps

❌ Native Bridging

Multi-chain NFT support

✅ View all NFTs in one place

✅ Set your favorite NFT as your Home Screen background

✅ View Ethereum-based NFTs in one place

❌ No personalization of app with your NFT


✅ Self-custodial 

✅ Hardware wallet support 

✅ Audited by award-winning independent agencies

✅ Self-custodial 

✅ Hardware wallet support

Buy crypto

✅ Buy crypto in-app

✅ Buy crypto in-app

Import external wallets

✅ Import Metamask, Phantom and Keplr

✅ Import wallets for supported chains


✅ Mobile app

✅ Browser extension coming soon

✅ Mobile app

❌ Browser extension

Argent has a separate wallet - Argent X, which is its browser wallet for StarkNet

Explore Web3

✅ Latest updates of new dApps and news articles for each ecosystem


✅ Active discord support

✅ Email support

✅ Active discord support

✅ Email support


✅ WalletConnect v1 and v2

✅ Rich transaction approval data

❌ WalletConnect v1 only

Chain Activity Notifications

✅ Rich push notification messages on address activity for 8+ chains

Omni's competing feature: Multi-chain experience

Omni was designed to provide you with a range of features and functionalities that are extremely simple so that you can spend more time doing the things that are actually important: Experiencing Web 3. This is why, no matter what chain you are on, your staking experience with any token will be the same 3-tap flow. Whether it be staking, liquid staking or even depositing in a yield vault, Omni's 3-tap signature flow allows you to focus more on earning rather than consistently adapting to different earning infrastructure to get your DeFi work done.

The future of Web3 is multi-chain. With the developments of cross-chain interactivity and with different chains bringing powerful Web3 innovations to users, multi-chain interactions are increasing. Whether you want to play your favorite game using BNB, hop to a lending platform to deposit your SOL or find the hottest Ethereum NFTs on Opensea, you only need to use one multi-chain wallet like Omni to fulfill your Web3 fun.


Argent was built with the innate idea of making wallet use very easy for accessing the Ethereum ecosystem. Although Argent provides an easy-to-use interface and kickstarted novel ways to make wallet authentication easier, it is still primarily focussed on Ethereum, preventing users interested in multi-chain interactions from getting the full Web3 experience. As the Web3 space continued to develop, users now can participate in a comprehensive range of activities in a range of chains. From trading NFTs on Stargaze, to accessing cloud computing in Akash, to playing hot games on Solana and BNB, we need flexibility in manoeuvring across chains. Although Argent is great for managing your Ethereum-based tokens, and connecting with dApps across its supported ecosystems, if you want to experience the full breadth of Web3, you will need Omni to enjoy full access.

Supported chains






BNB Smart Chain





Gnosis Chain














The Graph


(More coming!)




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