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Preparing for the ARBI airdrop

Find which dApps to try in order to increase your chances

Explore the Arbitrum ecosystem and find projects where you can deposit into vaults, make trades, vote on DAO proposals, play games, and trade some NFTs. All these actions will increase the likelihood of you being eligible for the potential Arbitrum airdrop, if or when it happens.

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Trade top cryptocurrencies with up to 30x leverage directly from your wallet.
Cover Image for UMAMI


Access sustainable andhedged yields on Arbitrum
Cover Image for TreasureDAO


Treasure DAO is a decentralized effort aiming to connect NFT projects into a broad, story-rich ecosystem.
Cover Image for Dopex


Dopex is a decentralized options protocol.
Cover Image for Stratos


Discover, collect, and sell digital items on the largest NFT marketplace on Arbitrum.
Cover Image for Guild


Find communities and participate by completing tasks
Cover Image for Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol

Access fixed-rate loans or start lending to earn a constant yield.
Cover Image for Gitcoin


Explore projects, get grants, and contribute to the builders in the ecosystem
Cover Image for Vesta Finance

Vesta Finance

Borrow collateralized stablecoins against supported crypto assets with no interest rate.

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