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Steakwallet Released v1.2

We've just released Version 1.2 of Steakwallet 🥩

This update delivers performance improvements and fixes known issues. We fixed balancing caching issues that would show the wrong balance of a given token for users. We've also added support for EIP-1559 and added push notifications.

Over the past 3 weeks, the team has been at work refactoring at all layers of the stack to facilitate upcoming growth and get everything ready for our Beta version, which will see a host of new features added. These backend improvements include infrastructure for push notifications, automated stake activation, fiat-on ramp setups, and much more.

We're excited to show you all what's coming up as we're getting ready for the Steakwallet Beta launch đź‘€

To our early community members — thank you for the support and valuable feedback! We always love to get your feedback and thoughts on the app and what you'd like to see added.

Join our community and team on Discord and for all updates follow us on Twitter.

Download/update Steakwallet v1.2.0 from the Apple App Store today.

Download/update Steakwallet v1.2.0 from the Google Play Store today.

New Features & Improvements

Payment Deep Links

Developers can now start integrating Steakwallet into their websites and applications via Pay with Steakwallet buttons. Documentation for these links can be found here.

While this is not something we think will be widely used in the early days it is will be exciting to see this implemented as the Steakwallet ecosystem grows.

EIP-1559 Support

With the recent London hard fork, the semantics of gas prices with transaction submission has changed significantly. Steakwallet now chooses a safe gas price (pulled from the Etherscan API) and a 2 gwei tip for each submitted transaction.

Push Notifications

Steakwallet will now send push notifications for any of the following events on Ethereum.

  • Inbound token transfers

  • Mined transactions for stake, unstake and send transactions

We will extend the use of push notifications in future updates and also offer more customization options so you don't get overwhelmed with notifications.


  • Balance Issues: Steakwallet previously cached balances incorrectly leading to users observing zero or out of date balances

  • GRT Balances: Correctly calculate staked GRT balances taking into account shares of the delegation pool we stake tokens to.

  • Temporary DOT support removal: Slow initialization times for the Polkadot API has caused us to remove support from Steakwallet as we work with the team to iron it out.

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