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What is Juno?

  • Juno is a smart contract network built with the Cosmos SDK to specialized in interoperability.

  • The Juno network hosts CosmWasm, which enable developers set up their smart contracts more easily without needing to sacrifice security.

  • Juno is very community-oriented. The network is leaderless and unlike many ICOs, it airdropped all of its initially minted tokens to the Cosmos community.

Juno is a smart contract network that is built for decentralized interoperable applications. Juno is built with the Cosmos SDK, which is an important detail because it the SDK allows Juno to communicate with other networks built on the Cosmos SDK. Most blockchains are built with novel infrastructure that prevents them from communicating with other blockchains. This effectively causes them to lose out on the possibility to share important information with one another to build robust, re-imagined applications. Juno has a close relationship with Cosmos as it acts as the sister hub to Cosmos to offload its smart contract deployment so that Cosmos can focus more on optimizing its speed and scalability.

The Juno network is notably community-oriented. Unlike many other ICOs, instead of giving early entry investors JUNO tokens during and before launch, the Juno team airdropped all of its initially minted tokens to the Cosmos community of stakers or in competitions held as airdrops.

Juno also hosts CosmWasm, which allows software written in many programming languages to run securely on a blockchain. This essentially allows developers to set up and deploy their smart contracts much faster, without security holes.

With its ability to provide an easy way for developers to deploy their application and its interoperability to enable smart contracts to interact with other chains using the Cosmos SDK, Juno is prized by developers looking to create permissionless contracts easily.

The JUNO token is Juno network’s native utility token, used for transaction fees, ecosystem currency and for staking. The Juno network encourages its holders to stake their JUNO tokens to secure the Juno network, earn rewards and vote for the future. Learn how you can stake your JUNO and earn rewards.

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