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What the Hell is ReFi

Explore the project building the future of regenerative finance

ReFi or regenerative finance focuses on improving the health and biodiversity of our environment and communities, by utilizing new financial and economic models.

Check out some of the projects building the future of ReFi.

Cover Image for impactMarket


Help poor communities through a poverty alleviation protocol
Cover Image for Toucan


Bringing programmable carbon credits to Web3
Cover Image for Nori


Own, track, and showcase verified carbon removal
Cover Image for KlimaDAO


The DAO behind the carbon-backed algorithmic currency KLIMA
Cover Image for Offsetra


Offset your carbon footprint and estimate the carbon emissions of your on-chain activity
Cover Image for EthicHub


Participate in social investing and improve the lives of small farmers
Cover Image for Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol

Invest in high-potential individuals and share in their success
Cover Image for Regen Network

Regen Network

Unlocking Web3 ReFi by originating digital carbon assets in the interchain economy

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