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Top 10 sound businesses

Explore the Web3 projects with the highest earnings

For some projects, token incentives might exceed the total revenue they generate. However, that is not the case with the projects in this collection. Here, you'll find the best-performing projects in Web3 based on their earnings over the last 90 days.

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OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items, and crypto collectibles.
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Optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes on multiple networks.
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Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs on Solana.
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MakerDAO governs the Maker Protocol, the creator of DAI.
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DeFi Saver

Manage your assets like a pro
Cover Image for Foundation


Explore live auctions and create your own collections
Cover Image for MUX


Trade with zero price impact and up to 100x leverage
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Index Coop

Gain exposure to different investment themes from the Metaverse to DeFi with index products and leveraged indices
Cover Image for SudoSwap


An innovative NFT marketplace with low fees
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Ribbon uses financial engineering to create structured products that deliver sustainable yield.

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