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Introducing the Steakwallet Beta

We are extremely excited to bring you the Steakwallet Beta. After months of hard work, we are proud to introduce what is by all standards not only the most powerful wallet in the market, but the next generation of wallets. So what is the Steakwallet Beta and how is it different from all other wallets? Let’s dive in.


Web 3 is about self sovereignty, users owning their own assets and identities. It’s about freedom to interact with who you want when you want, without any gatekeepers or intermediaries. Users controlling their own keys and signing their own transactions stands at the very heart of Web 3. As such, wallets are the most important touchpoints users have. They are the critical piece of infrastructure that power everything we do. Blockchains have developed radically over the past years, and wallets being at the center of any on-chain interaction must evolve with these changes. With the world having gone multi-chain, the complexity of managing an ever growing list of key pairs, accounts, portfolios, asset classes, and on-chain identities has increased dramatically. What was a hard problem to solve for the ‘fat protocol’ hypothesis days of 2016 and 2017, has become exponentially harder in the world of L2s, sub second finality alternative L1s, and the advent of massive application specific blockchain growth via IBC and Subnets. To serve users, wallets need to accomplish an incomparable amount more than they did even just 12 months ago. And wallets have failed to evolve. They still look like minor upgrades from the Ethereum Mist days. In short, wallets have failed us. That’s why at Steakwallet (now Omni), we took a look at wallets from a first principles perspective and fundamentally re-envisioned what a wallet built for Web 3 needed to be. The result is a wallet that is centered around abstracting away backend complexity and emphasizing ease of use, navigating seamlessly across our new multichain metaverse. Steakwallet now supports more than 20 protocols, with more protocols being added bi-weekly. This is not just asset and key management support, but native integrations that make interacting with the most critical infrastructure on any protocol as easy as possible. This includes our signature 3-clickap staking flows, which allow users to secure the network and earn yield as simple as ever. It entails removing all friction in finding the most important DeFi essentials such as swaps, bridges, and relevant yield opportunities through our new Explore Screen. It’s about making interacting with any dApp as seamless as possible via WalletConnect V1 and V2 support. It’s about allowing you to have all your NFTs available in one place across all chains and highlighting NFTs as much as your DeFi portfolio. It’s about setting the stage for a host of new assets, from bridged and vote escrowed, to liquid PoS assets. Steakwallet is a new concept for a critical piece of Web 3 infrastructure. And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you today.

So what’s new in the Steakwallet Beta?

The Explore Screen

The Steakwallet Beta was built around our new Explore Screen. Keeping up with DeFi and Web 3 at large is like drinking from a firehose. It’s ever evolving and being able to capture real alpha means identifying, getting in, and also getting out of positions easily. That’s why we built the Explore Screen, which helps you quickly identify all the most important pieces of infrastructure that you need in order to navigate on any L1 or L2. Be it swaps, bridges, lending protocols, or NFT marketplaces, the Explore Screen helps you to navigate to all the most important dApps easily from your wallet. As 2022 progresses, a lot of this infrastructure will start to natively live within Steakwallet, and just like our native staking integrations, you will be able to use these dApps without ever having to leave your wallet. While the Explore Screen covers mostly the basics for now, it will begin to cover more and more new opportunities across DeFi, NFTs, and useful dApps. Our goal is to have the Explore Screen to be your window into Web 3 for all major L1s and L2s.

Multi Wallet Support

Steakwallet is your wallet that covers all chains. Instead of 20 different wallets, now you can do everything you need in one single wallet and app. But what if you already have 20 different wallets? Now you can easily import them all. Take your Metamask, your Rainbow, your Phantom, your Keplr, your Valora and add them all into your Steakwallet. By simply putting in your Seed Phrase, you will have all of your balances, portfolios, and NFTs immediately available in one place. Now this is what Web 3 should be like!

Fiat On-Ramp

Have you ever wanted to claim rewards but didn’t have enough gas to cover the transaction fees? Or have you ever wanted to quickly mint an NFT but transferring in funds would be too cumbersome? Now this is no longer a problem with our native fiat on-ramp, where you can buy more than 40 assets with Google Pay and Apple Pay right within your wallet. We will quickly expand the number of tokens you can buy with our fiat on-ramp to make sure that every major token is just one quick Apple or Google payment away.

Multi-chain NFT Support (staggered rollout)

Steakwallet now supports your favorite NFTs natively in-app across chains! We started with Ethereum, and have added support for Polygon and Avalanche. Very soon, Steakwallet will support all 20+ chains that we natively feature within the wallet. This means that you will be able to see and manage all of your NFTs across all chains and all wallets in one single place.

More native staking integrations

Steakwallet Beta brings a host of new assets natively into your wallet with our signature 3-clickap staking flow. This includes AVAX (did someone say liquid AVAX?), NEAR, SOL, LUNA, and many, many more.

More native yield opportunities

Steakwallet already built the first native integrations for Yearn on Ethereum, where investing in a strategy vault is as easy as our signature native staking flow. Now, we have expanded support for Yearn and very soon Polygon via Tesseract. Keep an eye out for an ever growing list of native yield opportunities as we progress. Soon, we won’t just have all the steaks, but we will also have all the yields.

More asset classes

Liquid staking is taking over the world. Instead of staking being a dead-end, it is becoming the starting point for all fund movements in things Web 3. This means that any interaction starts with staking and receiving a liquid asset that represents that stake in return. And there are even more assets being added to your wallet everyday in Web 3. Voted escrowed (ve) assets, bridged assets, borrowed assets, and many more. To help you keep everything in sight, we fundamentally changed how assets are grouped and displayed. Now you can easily spot all assets you own, what type of asset they are, and how they relate to each other.

Of course the Steakwallet Beta in its current form is just the start for us. We are vigorously at work expanding native integrations and bringing more functionality natively into the app to make Steakwallet the one wallet you'll ever need across all chains. We're building this wallet for you so we'd love connect with you and hear your feedback. You can connect with us on Discord and Twitter.

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