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Editorial Notes (vol. 11) — NFT NYC takeaways, Arbitrum GameFi, and service DAOs

Last week was absolutely jam-packed. Besides all the news in the market, it was the week of NFT NYC and the beginning of the Arbitrum Odyssey. In today’s edition, our team prepared quite a few features to cover. We saw some interesting projects ranging from games to NFT financialization at the NFT NYC conference and will highlight them in the NFT NYC Takeaways feature. To build on top of the NFT theme, we also have some cool games on Arbitrum to show you in the feature called Games in the Arbiverse.

Now, last week might have been awesome, but this week has some interesting events as well. It is the start of the Codeless Conduct hackathon, which will focus on Service DAOs. On top of that, it is the start of Week 2 of the Odyssey, and there is no way we would forget to mention what is happening, which projects are tasking the users this week, and what exactly the tasks are.

Let’s dive right into this week’s updates! 🏊‍♂️

NFT NYC Takeaways

It was a great week at NFT NYC with a lot of interesting ideas and projects floating around. We’ve prepared a short collection to highlight some of the more interesting ones we came across during our time at the conference.

Seamlessly obtain liquidity and yield with Drops by using your Metaverse assets.

With Drops, you can get instant NFT-backed loans up to 30% of your NFTs value. It currently supports assets such as Yuga Labs, CyberBrokers, Moonbirds, and ArtBlocks. However, they will be expanding their offering to others as well. Simply select a lending pool, deposit your NFT as collateral, borrow up to 30% of the NFTs floor price, and manage your credit to avoid potential loan liquidation.

Join the world of competitive gaming and start earning rewards on Nifty League.

Nifty League is bringing competitive gaming to Web3. Players can compete and earn rewards in the ecosystem’s token, NFTL, which can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses, trade with other players, or cash out of the ecosystem.

Borrow against your NFT on NFTfi or lend wETH and DAI to earn a juicy yield.

NFTfi is the leading liquidity protocol for NFTs. It allows NFT owners to use the assets they own to access the liquidity they need by receiving secured wETH and DAI loans from liquidity providers, peer-to-peer, in a completely trustless manner. NFT liquidity providers use NFTfi to earn attractive yields or — in the case of loan defaults — to have a chance at obtaining NFTs at a steep discount to their market value.

Mint, manage portfolios, and create your own NFT platform with Aspen.

Aspen offers great features for each and every participant in the NFT ecosystem. Creators are empowered to easily mint their collections without the need for a developer, leverage legal features of Aspen to protect IP, and execute swap campaigns to drive growth. Collectors can view all their assets across wallets and chains, stake, unstake, and claim integrated games, and execute marketplace transactions.

Find NFTs and Collectibles from the world's leading teams, brands, and artists on Sweet.

Sweet offers an NFT marketplace where you can buy NFTs from leading brands and artists which whom they have partnered with. Sweet has pioneered Flexible NFT Distribution – NFT creators can share, sell, gift, auction bundles, integrate, gamify, and drop NFTs anywhere they want. This allows for a broader and increased fan engagement, drives higher revenue, and more interesting ways to raise money for charity.

Discover great NFTs and artists on Avalanche with Joepegs.

Joepegs is the trusted NFT Marketplace on Avalanche, built for creators and collectors. It serves as the cultural hub for premium digital assets, where users can trade NFTs, explore the ecosystem on Avalanche, and find more about the most popular collections.

Games in the Arbiverse

Arbitrum NFT support is live in Omni! The Arbitrum ecosystem is rapidly expanding and one of its parts – GameFi has been gaining a lot of traction as well. Now, let’s look at some of the games on Arbitrum where you can put to use the NFTs that can from now on also be viewed in your favorite wallet.

Own horses that mirror their real-world counterparts in Game of Silks and get rewarded through gameplay.

Game of Silks is the first derivative P2E metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. The Silks metaverse that is coming early next year will be powered by a P2E economy where participants can own, trade, and interact with a variety of in-game NFTs. Players will earn rewards through skilled gameplay and experience the thrill of thoroughbred horse ownership and racing.

Earn with your NFT deck by winning against other players in CastleDAO.

CastleDAO is an off-chain game that uses NFTs from multiple blockchains, leveraging their attributes and allowing players to challenge each other by creating decks of cards. You don't need NFTs to play the game, but it will greatly enhance your ability to win in combat. You can earn RUBY by fighting and winning combats against other players, which will determine your position on the leaderboard. Each month, CastleDAO resets the leaderboard and rewards the top 3 players of each game mode with NFTs and other things such as access to whitelisted collections.

Buy land in Farmland, employ farmers to boost your farming efficiency, and earn in the process.

In this play-to-own farming game, you’ll be buying land, building farms, harvesting, and earning in the process. As a player, you can allocate LAND to grow CORN, by doing this you can take part in many activities in and around the Farmland game, character NFTs can be employed as farmers to boost your CORN production but it is not required; you are also not required to have a farm for many of the activities, simply owning character NFTs and some of the CORN tokens will allow you to do so, having allocated LAND opens all the possibilities for the game.

Experience City Clash – a social-strategy game.

City Clash is a simple on-chain NFT play-to-earn,  social-strategy game where three factions compete to take over the world by buying and selling NFTs based on real-world cities. To play the game you’ll need to mint or buy an NFT representing a city, join the community, and your faction. The size of the faction and exceptional coordination will be vital to your success in City Clash.

Go on adventures or build your world in Realm and attract adventurers.

Realm is a world-building and exploration game where you can own and build a vast domain and attract adventurers to explore these Realms in search of great rewards. Develop and enhance your Realm by building structures that are the NFTs that you own. World builders get to earn MAGIC and adventurers can explore different realms, engage in different activities, and earn rewards.

Go on a three-dimensional GameFi adventure in Tales of Elleria.

Set out on an adventure in Tales of Elleria – a three-dimensional GameFi experience that utilizes several tokens and NFTs to create our internal economy and an RPG-like progression system. Get yourself a hero, which is essential to your adventure. They can be trained, upgraded, sent on assignments, and go on quests to obtain tokens, equipment, drops, and relics.

Service DAOs

The fourth edition of the Codeless Conduct event starts June 29th and it will be all about service DAOs. They are organizations that aggregate high-quality practitioners under one community to provide services to third parties (engineering, audit, design, legal, research, treasury management, etc.) in exchange for project ownership.

Join or hire a fellowship of builders and designers from Raid Guild.

Raid Guild is a decentralized collective of builders, designers, and developers creating dApps for the Web3 space. They offer expert advice to projects, help build and fine-tune the product – everything from contracts to front ends, and more. They are always looking for top talent to join their ranks, so if you think you’d fit in and want to stay on top of everything happening in Web 3, try reaching out to them.

VectorDAO – a collective working to improve the user experience of crypto products.

Vector DAO is a decentralized collective of designers, brand experts, and creatives pioneering a new way of working that tilts the scales back towards builders. They have built new organizational structures that make it seamless for contributors to earn equity and tokens for their work.  Vector DAO has worked with some of the biggest names in this space like Coinbase, Solend, Hashflow, etc. If you’d like to join them on their mission, head over to their site and fill out the application.

Join the first decentralized Web3 content marketing agency DAO called CRE8R.

Cre8r DAO is a DeFi marketing agency seeking to onboard Content Creators into Web3. They help projects with content creation including videos, infographics, articles, Twitter threads, and more. Besides content, they also work on bringing whole marketing campaigns to life. They last one month and consist of four stages: strategy call, content creation, feedback, and publication and sharing.

Besides developers, Web3 also needs passionate communicators. This is where YAP DAO comes in.

YAP DAO is a community that provides public relations and communications support to the DeFi world. It is a service marketplace for non-technical people to get work in a technical field. They focus on media relations, strategic communications, brand positioning, investor relations, crisis communications, media training, and event management. If you’d like to contribute and share stories about emerging blockchain projects, check out their site.

Risk DAO – a collective working on research and risk analysis for DeFi protocols.

Risk DAO focuses on providing a new, open-source risk assessment framework and associated audits to DeFi lending and borrowing protocols as well as L1 networks. They provide services such as stress tests (bad debt likelihood, liquidation performance), parameter optimization (collateral factor, liquidation penalty), survey of collateral risks, and chain-specific analysis.

Learn, work on impactful projects, and gain long-term compensation by joining Deep Work Studio.

Deep Work is a highly flexible collective of freelancers. They work on projects such as workshop facilitation, product design, and user research. For each client or project, they put together the best possible team and have worked with some of the biggest names in this space, such as dYdX, Gitcoin, Ramp, and others. You can join no matter the skill level and start learning and working on interesting projects.

Arbitrum Odyssey Week 2

Onboarding week is behind us and from now on you’ll be able to claim two NFTs per week, one for each project that is featured during the week, for the next 7 weeks.

For this week, we have tasks from GMX and Yield Protocol.

Trade top cryptocurrencies with up to 30x leverage directly from your wallet with GMX.

GMX is a decentralized swap and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades. Trading is supported by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading.

To qualify for this week’s NFT:

  • Open a leveraged trade

  • Do a swap

  • Mint GLP

Requirement: You need to complete all three tasks and the minimum amount is $10.

Access fixed-rate loans or start lending to earn a constant yield via Yield Protocol.

Yield is a protocol for collateralized fixed-rate, fixed-term borrowing, and lending. At the core of Yield are so-called fyTokens, which represent tokenized loans. They are analogous to zero-coupon bonds in the sense that they do not pay interest but instead trade at a discount, rendering a profit at maturity when they are redeemed for their full face value.

To qualify for this week’s NFT:

  • Borrow > $100 worth of assets

  • Lend > $50 worth of assets

  • Provide liquidity with > $50 worth of assets

Requirement: You need to complete at least one of the tasks – any asset and maturity will do.

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