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Delegate GRT in 3 taps using the Omni Wallet


  • You can delegate your GRT within 3 taps natively on the Omni wallet.

  • If you already have a Metamask or Ledger wallet, simply import them into Omni to enjoy the same 3-tap delegation feature.

  • On top of your GRT delegation, you can use the same 3 step process to stake and liquid stake 15 other tokens and deposit on Aave and Yearn Finance!

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The Graph is a chain-agnostic protocol that can be used to access data logged on blockchains. It’s often called the indexing and query of web3, and likened to Google for blockchains. If you have staked on other protocols, you know that stakers are referred to as validators that confirm transactions for the blockchain. But on The Graph’s decentralized network, stakers can take on one of three key protocol roles. One of these roles is named Indexers, which provide indexing and querying services for data consumers, who pay query fees to the Indexers for their service. Retrieving organized blockchain data via The Graph would not be possible without Indexers. At the same time, Delegators support these Indexers by delegating their GRT to Indexers they determine to be most helpful, in return for a portion of the Indexer’s query fees and rewards. This means that Delegators don’t have to operate their own nodes like an Indexer does while also reaping the rewards of staking on The Graph and helping to keep the protocol secure. Lastly, Curators signal GRT on subgraphs (open-source APIs that organize blockchain data) that they determine to be useful, letting Indexers know that they should index them.

Omni makes delegating your GRT tokens extremely convenient by enabling you to stake your GRT directly on the Omni app using either your Omni wallet or other major wallets like Metamask and Ledger.

How to natively stake GRT on Omni

Staking your GRT on Omni is the fastest way to delegate on The Graph Network. If you already have a GRT balance on your MetaMask or Ledger wallet, you can simply import them onto Omni and use its native GRT staking feature. Alternatively, you can create a new wallet on the Omni app and use your Omni wallet for staking your GRT! 

To acquire GRT on your Omni wallet, you have the option to transfer GRT from an external account or swap your tokens in-app if you don’t have any GRT yet. Omni supports more than 25 blockchains, including all major EVMs, non-EVMs and L2s. On top of the safety Omni provides as a self custodial wallet, the option to use your Ledger to stake your GRT adds the extra layer of security you need to be maximally safe. 

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Once you have GRT in your account, go through the following steps to stake your GRT:

  1. On your Home Screen, tap Earn.

  2. Scroll down and tap The Graph.

  3. Tap Stake GRT.

From here, you can adjust your network fee and staking position as you deem fit. Note that when you delegate your tokens to an Indexer, the delegation contract will burn 0.5% of your delegation as part of the delegation tax. 

Congratulations, you are officially contributing to the web3 indexing and query infrastructure with The Graph! 

What to expect with your GRT delegation

Omni charges zero fees when you stake GRT through the Omni app. Currently, you can delegate your GRT to the Figment indexer via Omni (Bonus: Users can look forward to multiple validator support in the future!) Figment is one of the largest staking and node infrastructure providers in Web3. Delegators have provided more than 300M GRT to Figment’s Indexers for staking.

Every time the Figment Indexer closes an allocation, you will receive your GRT rewards that will be automatically compounded on top of your initial staked balance. 

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Explore the Figment Indexer on Graph Explorer

What is Omni? 

Omni is a next generation self custodial wallet that allows users to control and manage all of their crypto assets across all chains in one wallet, from EVMs, to non-EVMs, and all major L2s. Since its genesis, the Omni wallet has focussed on providing users the most smooth and fast experience for navigating Web3. Omni builds a custom smart contract middleware directly on supported protocols’ SDKs to provide the same 3-step flow for staking, liquid staking, lending via AAVE and depositing into Yearn vaults. As a result, users get the fastest earning experience with a CeFi-like UX, while being fully self-custodial.

Omni comes packed with many other powerful functionality right within the wallet that makes using Web3 easier than ever before. On top of its 25x faster staking speed compared to industry standards, Omni lets users collect all of their NFTs in one place with its broadest NFT support of any wallet. Want to go from OP on Optimism to GRT on Ethereum? Omni gives you native bridges and swaps right within the app that enables you to go from any origin token to any target token on all of our supported networks in one single transaction. For supreme safety, Omni also lets you connect your Ledger Nano X so that you can explore Web3 while storing your private keys completely offline. And to top it all off, Omni gives you an explore screen for every protocol you’re interested in so you can always stay up to date with the latest news, dApp releases, and NFT mints. Omni is your one stop shop for all of Web3!

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How does unstaking GRT with Omni work?

The unstaking mechanism on Omni is as simple as staking your GRT. On your GRT profile, simply tap unstake and confirm your unstake. The unstaking requirements via Omni follow The Graph Network’s unstaking mechanism. This means that unstaking your GRT takes a total of 28 days, during which you will not earn rewards. After this cooling off period, you will be able to transfer or conduct transactions with your GRT smoothly.

What are the benefits of delegating GRT? 

As a Delegator, you contribute to securing The Graph Network without needing to run a Graph Node. You also get GRT rewards for delegating your GRT. The Graph is a decentralized protocol that opens access to data that helps make dapp UI & UX significantly faster. Top dApps like Uniswap, AAVE, and Lido are using The Graph to access blockchain information faster, and display that data to dApp users easily. As a result, contributing to the operations of The Graph also allows you to take a part in helping power the flow of data for the best projects in Web3.

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