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Tokenized vaults and ERC-4626 standard

Explore the early adopters of ERC-4626

ERC-4626 is a standard for yield-bearing vaults just like ERC-721 is a standard for non-fungible tokens. In this collection, you'll find projects that have been early to adopt the standard in their product offering, making tokenized vaults more composable.

Cover Image for Alchemix


A protocol enabling the creation of synthetic tokens that represent the future yield of a deposit.
Cover Image for Yearn


Yearn Finance uses automated strategies to help maxmimize yield for users.
Cover Image for Maple


Access higher yields by providing liquidity for undercollateralized loans
Cover Image for Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol

Access fixed-rate loans or start lending to earn a constant yield.
Cover Image for Timeless Finance

Timeless Finance

Boost, hedge, and trade yield
Cover Image for Balancer


Balancer is an AMM protocol for programmable liquidity.
Cover Image for mStable


Trade and earn yield on your stablecoins
Cover Image for Aura Finance

Aura Finance

Earn maximum yield by depositing Balancer pool tokens
Cover Image for ThorSwap


Trade and access liquidity from multiple chains
Cover Image for Euler


Permissionlessly lend and borrow almost any asset

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