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Sevice DAOs

Explore the world of Service DAOs

Sevice DAOs are organizations that aggregate high-quality practitioners under one community to provide services to third parties (engineering, audit, design, legal, research, treasury management, etc.) in exchange for project ownership. Take a look at some examples in the collection below.

Cover Image for Raid Guild

Raid Guild

Join or hire a fellowship of experienced builders and designers
Cover Image for VectorDAO


A collective working to improve the user experience of crypto products
Cover Image for CRE8R


Join the first decentralized Web3 content marketing agency DAO
Cover Image for YAP DAO


Besides developers, Web3 also needs passionate communicators and this is where Yap comes in
Cover Image for Deep Work

Deep Work

Learn by doing, work on impactful projects, and gain long-term compensation
Cover Image for Risk DAO

Risk DAO

Research and risk analysis for DeFi protocols

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