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Cover image for More Than a JPEG

More Than a JPEG

Check out NFT collections that grant you extra benefits on top of being cool profile pics

NFT collections have been centered around profile pictures for a long time now. However, there is an increasing desire to provide more benefits to the community of holders. This week our team looked at a few projects that are doing just that – expanding what can be done to align interests of the founders and community, and provide holders with extra utility.

Cover Image for The Idols

The Idols

Get yourself an Idol and earn interest from stETH rewards in perpetuity
Cover Image for Cryptotesters NFT

Cryptotesters NFT

Get into a community that has the finger on the pulse of everything going on in L2 land
Cover Image for The Last Raptor

The Last Raptor

Hold at least one Raptor and get showered with benefits along the way
Cover Image for Pooly


Contribute to Pooltogether’s ongoing defense in a lawsuit
Cover Image for Ragranrok Meta

Ragranrok Meta

Ronin NFT will also act as your avatar in the Ragnarok metaRPG game
Cover Image for CyberKongz


Unique and randomly generated 2D/3D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences
Cover Image for Azuki


Join the corner where web3 enthusiasts meet to create a decentralized future
Cover Image for Rubber Duck Bath Party

Rubber Duck Bath Party

Get a Rubber Duck and send it to bath parties where it will grow and evolve
Cover Image for Fancy Bears Metaverse

Fancy Bears Metaverse

Metaverse dedicated to social media, celebrities and entertainment only

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