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NFT Financialization

Explore the projects bridging the gap between NFTs and DeFi

In this collection of projects, we’ll check out a few you can try out or start utilizing right now. Generating greater liquidity, enabling additional ways of extracting value from your NFTs, options markets, and other use cases are all building blocks of the financial layer of NFTs.

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Access the NFT options market
Cover Image for Tessera


Buy, sell and mint fractions of NFTs
Cover Image for SudoSwap


An innovative NFT marketplace with low fees
Cover Image for PartyBid


Form a party, join forces, and buy NFTs as a team
Cover Image for Drops


Seamlesly obtain liquidity and yield by using your metaverse assets
Cover Image for JPEG’d


Lend your NFTs and earn yield in DeFi.
Cover Image for NFTX


Find, buy, and sell NFTs across many marketplaces, mint ERC-20 tokens with your NFTs, or earn yield by staking.
Cover Image for NFTfi


Borrow against your NFT or lend wETH and DAI to earn a juicy yield
Cover Image for Hyksos


The first self-repaying platform to lend and borrow in the NFT space
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Charged Particles

Encapsulate any digital asset into a nested NFT

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