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Editorial Notes (vol. 3)

New week, new Explore Screen update. In this edition we’ll be going through a few new dApps and protocols we’ve added to The Grill, from the most popular games on Polygon to new DeFi primitives. Check them out and hop on to Omni to explore the rest of the Web 3. Now let’s dive right into this roundup! 👇

First, we’ll look at the three play-to-earn games on Polygon which have some of the highest unique weekly users and total transaction numbers.

Play the most popular mobile strategy game Crazy Defense Heroes and earn TOWER tokens while enjoying more than 500 different levels of gameplay.

Crazy Defense Heroes is an expanded sequel to Crazy Kings game. In this strategy tower defense game, players get to collect and combine different hero, spell, and equipment NFT cards to create better heroes and win fights more easily.

Through gameplay, you get to earn TOWER tokens which can be used for expansion of your in-game NFTs collection, participation in the game’s governance, and more.

Arc8 is the meeting point of e-sports and crypto gaming. Play arcade games, win matches, and earn GMEE.

In this P2E mobile gaming experience, you can choose between many different arcade games. Use your gaming skills, compete against opponents in multiplayer matches or tournaments, and earn GMEE tokens.

Currently they offer predefined 1v1 matches and tournaments, but overtime they’ll enable anyone to start a competition for a group of friends or community in a specific game with customized prizes.

Plant, chop, gather, and earn in Sunflower Land — a farming game on Polygon.

With the Sunflower Farmers game being retired, there is now a new version called Sunflower Land. In this play-to-own farming game, everything you collect is identifiable on the Polygon blockchain. You can farm, chop, mine, craft, and more as you build your farming empire.

The game reflects real-life economic supply and demand with an in-built mechanism which makes resources scarcer as time progresses.

In addition to games, we've also added a couple of amazing DeFi protocols which can be found and utilized on the Ethereum and Avalanche blockchains.

Earn leveraged stablecoin yield and take advantage of powered savings with deposit protection on Gro.

Gro is a stablecoin yield optimizer that tranches risk and yield. The first two products built on it are PWRD Savings with deposit protection and yield and Vault with leveraged stablecoin yield. It works by sharing and distributing generated yield across the two products with more yield going to Vault; in return, any downside risk is absorbed by Vault first.

Depending on your risk appetite, you get to choose which approach fits you better.

Gain perpetual exposure to Squeeth (ETH²) and automated Squeeth strategies on Opyn.

Squeeth is a new financial derivative built by Opyn, which makes options perpetual and is a great hedge for ETH LPs and ETH/USD options. On their platform you can long Squeeth — a leveraged position with unlimited ETH² upside, protected downside, and no liquidations or short Squeeth — short ETH² position, collateralized with ETH where you earn a funding rate, paid by long Squeeth holders.

You can also partake in their “crab” automated strategy, which performs exceptionally during the sideways market.

Last, but definitely not least, is one of the most used tools, which you’ll find in the “Useful Web3 Tools” collection in our Explore Screen.

Buy NFT domains and use them as website URLs, usernames, or wallet addresses with Unstoppable Domains – on Omni, click on the hyperlink and find yourself a 7 character or more free domain.

Unstoppable Domains allows anyone to purchase and own an NFT domain without ever having to worry about renewing them or paying additional fees after the purchase. With the search function, you can look for available domains, view prices, and mint your own NFT domains.

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