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Steakwallet Released v1.0.3

We're happy to introduce new features in the latest Steakwallet (now Omni) release Version 1.0.3. While we are still in our Closed Alpha stage, we aim to add new functionality, token support, and other features every single week to get closer to our vision.

Steakwallet's vision is to democratize DeFi access by removing technical and interface barriers that currently require users to deeply understand, and therefore invest considerable time, before transacting with the various networks and projects. We want to allow everyone to easily and safely stake their favorite crypto assets in non-custodial wallets, mobile-first, and across all major blockchains. With staking being the core focus of the wallet, we've cut out all the complexity to provide a 21st century, mobile-first experience accessible to everyone.

In its current version, Steakwallet is built with a focus on enabling staking across all major blockchains, in the simplest way possible. Instead of forcing users to download a plethora of wallets on an array of platforms with questionable UX, Steakwallet V1 will provide a unified platform to simplify the whole process. From multi-chain key management, which enables users to store all their keys across blockchains in one wallet, to making sure a user does not need to handle RPC URLs, Chain IDs, etc., Steakwallet removes the mental overhead of operating in the world of DeFi.

Download/update Steakwallet v1.0.3 from the Apple App Store today. We're also working on launching the Android version of our app in the coming weeks.

We'd love to get your feedback and thoughts on the app and what you'd like to see added. Join our community and team on Discord and for all updates follow us on Twitter.

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This week, we've added staking support for Osmosis (OSMO), a new AMM protocol built using the Cosmos SDK that will allow developers to design, build, and deploy their own customized AMMs. With a large airdrop, OSMO was all the rage over the past week.

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We've also added staking support for The Graph (GRT), an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, making data easily available.

Conveniently stake ETH, CELO, GRT, OSMO, and ATOM with Steakwallet's simplified staking flow right from the home screen.

New wallet token support added

  • Manage, send, and receive the following tokens in your wallet:

  • COMP

  • LINK

  • DAI

  • USDT

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Resolved issues with GRT claiming

  • Improved staking behavior of tokens whose gas fee is in a different currency

  • Various performance improvements

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