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Steakwallet adds support for native CELO staking

Steakwallet users can now manage all of their CELO assets in one place and utilize a CELO staking experience that is second to none. Read on to learn more about Steakwallet's CELO integration. 👇

Steakwallet is a next generation multi-chain self-custodial Web 3 wallet on mobile. Our goal is to give users one place to manage all their assets across chains and make engaging with Web 3 as easy as never before. To achieve this, Steakwallet brings critical functionality natively into the app where we abstract away backend complexity and add market leading user experience. This includes Steakwallet’s signature 3-tap staking flows, which make participating in securing blockchain networks and earning yield as simple as ordering an Uber or a pizza. With our Explore Screen, Steakwallet allows you to find all the right dApps on any chain. With one simple tap via WalletConnect, you can now easily bridge, swap, and ape into any yield opportunity right from your phone. And with multi-chain NFT support, you can collect all of your favorite NFTs in one place and even set them as your background for to easily flex your collection.

Now this is what a Web 3 wallet should look like!

Steakwallet Features

  • Your Keys = Your Crypto

  • Multi-Chain By Default

  • Native Staking Flows

  • Discover the best of each chain on our Explore Screen

  • Best Rates

  • Mobile-First

Celo is a decentralized blockchain platform focused on increasing cryptocurrency adoption among smartphone users and thus heavily focused on being ‘mobile-first’. By using phone numbers as public keys, Celo hopes to introduce the world’s billions of smartphone owners, including those without banking access, to transacting in cryptocurrency. The network also allows for the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications and has two native tokens. CELO is the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) token used for securing the network via staking, transaction fees, governance participation and related activities. Celo's mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity — for everyone.

Steakwallet x Celo

Steakwallet support all assets on Celo, as well as offering a dedicated Celo ecosystem page in the Explore Screen section of the wallet. This not only allows users to manage all their Celo based tokens, but also let's them explore the best dApps the ecosystem has to offer.

With the launch of the Steakwallet Beta, finding the right yield opportunities across chains has never been easier. In our new explore screen, users will be introduced to all the relevant DeFi opportunities and dApps. On Celo, this includes Essentials such as the Optics Bridge to transfer assets over from Ethereum, a decentralized poverty alleviation ptrocool such as ImpactMarket, or AMMs like UbeSwap and Mobius, but also more ways to earn than native CELO staking, such as Beefy Finance and GoodGhosting.

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Steakwallet brings users native CELO staking

Steakwallet’s signature 3-click staking mechanism makes it as easy as possible for users to start earning yield on their Celo assets. Users simply:

  1. Click Stake CELO

  2. Choose the amount to stake

  3. Confirm and earn!

By allowing anyone to stake in just a few tabs, Steakwallet helps users to provide better economic security for the Celo blockchain. Apart from earning rewards for participating in the network, staking your CELO helps secure the Proof-of-Stake Terra network and protects the ecosystem that is being build.

Stake your CELO on Steakwallet

Check out our guide here learn how to earn tasty yields through Steakwallet's simple three-click staking mechanism. 🍴 🥩

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