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Editorial Notes (vol. 16) – Tools to ace the NFT market

The NFT market is vast and can be daunting for new entrants trying to get involved. Luckily, there are a plethora of cool and powerful tools that can help you navigate and sift through thousands of collections. Even though the NFT market has cooled down a bit compared to a few months ago, there are still great opportunities to be found there.

To help you prudently participate in this market, we’ve compiled a list of quality tools anyone can use and improve their NFT trading game in our new Explore Screen feature – Tools to Ace the NFT Market.

Tools to Ace the NFT Market

Have you ever wondered how to find bargain NFTs, how do you keep track of the upcoming NFT mints, or why are some NFTs much more expensive than others in the same collection?

Well, in this feature we’ll take a look at tools that can help you with that. Below you’ll find the tools such as mint aggregators like with which you’ll be able to snipe the latest mints, Rarity Sniper – a go-to tool for analyzing the rarity of an NFT’s traits in a collection, and NFT Bank which among others offers a feature called “Deal of the day” where you can find the most underpriced NFTs on sale.

In short, you’ll find key tools that anyone can use to master the NFT market. Let’s dive right in!

Watch the wallets of other people with Context and track their NFT collections.

Ever wondered what people on Crypto Twitter do with their wallets and what collections they are buying or selling? Well, Context is the easiest way to watch on-chain activity of other people’s crypto wallets so you never miss out on new and trending NFT collections. Besides watching the wallets, you can also observe on-chain activity of any collection and set alerts for on-chain events such as sales, transfers, etc.

Access free crypto analytics with Dune and explore dashboards providing you with quality market data.

Dune Analytics is a powerful tool for blockchain research. It gives you all the tools to query, extract, and visualize vast amounts of data from the blockchains. Either create your own dashboards to visualize and gather data you are interested in or search through their site for the dashboards of other people. By searching through their dashboards, you’ll find everything from comparisons of different NFT marketplaces and overviews of the NFT market to top NFT collections.

Track more than 25,000 NFT collections for free with Uniq.

Uniq tracks all collections from trending blue chips to the small projects that have just been minted. There you’ll find all the critical metrics for NFT collections – unique owners, sales, volume traded, floor prices, listings, important charts, rarity, and more for free. The data is refreshed within 3-6 hours, with sales and listings being updated almost instantly. At the moment, it tracks only collections on Ethereum, but it will be expanding to collections on Polygon and Solana.

Manage your NFT portfolio like a pro with help of NFT Bank.

NFT Bank is an all-in-one solution for your NFT portfolio management. By connecting your wallet or multiple wallets, you can track your historical NFT activity in one place, stay up to date with the performance of your portfolio, and even file taxes for NFTs and ERC-20 transactions seamlessly in any format you require. One of the coolest features NFT Bank provides is “Deal of the day” where you can find underpriced listings and snipe some awesome deals.

Rarity Sniper – The best source for NFT rarity covering multiple ecosystems.

Rarity Sniper is a go-to website for everyone interested in NFTs and the statistics of certain collections. Currently, the site ranks almost 2000 generative NFT collections by rarity and allows users to search the collections based on traits, see collection stats, and even learn about upcoming NFT drops. It also covers NFT news making it easy to stay on top of the latest trends and happenings in the NFT, cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and metaverse spaces.

Find the latest mints with and mint through a single interface.

The team behind Context has delivered another great NFT tool. shows you every project minting now, ranked by popularity, so you don’t have to search across various websites, Twitter, Discord, and group chats to figure out what to mint. The cool thing is that when you’re ready to mint, you can do that directly from It connects your wallet to the project contract and does not take any fees for facilitating your mint.

It also aggregates everything you need to know about a project in one place – when it launched, the % minted out so far, number of unique minters, top minters, creator wallet, and much more, making it the easiest way to find and mint new NFTs.

NFTGo – your new all-in-one NFT analytics platform. aims to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem. By covering almost 3,000 NFT collections, it allows you to get an in-depth overview of everything that is happening in the NFT market while also finding the key metrics for the collections – market volume, holder trends, trade activities, etc. Easily visualize market trends with real-time data, spot the trending NFT collections, mints, and sales, while also tracking the most profitable wallet addresses through their Whale Tracking feature.

Discover, track, and analyze NFTs with real-time data on is an NFT tracking and analytics platform. It provides data on the latest floor prices, volume, and sale history on NFTs, while also being able to see price and volume charts for NFTs.

Besides allowing you to discover the latest trending projects being minted, you can also see the transaction history and portfolio value of any wallet and get alerted when new mints drop and wallets that you follow make transactions.

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